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We understand that working across timezones and cultures is a challenge in itself. Throughout the ten days, our team of facilitators and ambassadors will be actively available to guide you through the process and make connections.



deanna anderson: education nz

Fascinated by the way in which entire industries can shift and change, through the combination of both technology and human behaviour, Deanna’s current focus looks deep into the future of Higher Education and how it will evolve to suit a changing population. Education New Zealand is the Central Government Agency responsible for attracting International students to New Zealand and ensuring they have the best possible experience whilst they are here.


Carl Pavletich: Fabriko

Carl is a co-founder of Fabriko, a human centred design led studio that explores the use and adoption of technologies including digital fabrication, electronics and virtual and augmented reality. A core project, Fab Lab Chch connects Fabriko to the Fab Lab Network, a global think tank exploring active citizenship and sustainable innovation across a range of technologies.


Tim Hatherley-Greene: adaptos

Tim’s mission is to help individuals and organisations - big and small - adapt to life and work in the 21st Century. With a focus on the human-side of technology and innovation disruption, the big question for Tim is, “How do we increase human capability and capacity for change to solve the world’s biggest challenges?” Education is a key part of the solution and Tim is excited about supporting participants to find their role and passion to solve these challenges.



Student Mentors


Dan Liu: China

I obtained my PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Canterbury. My research involved the investigation of the creep-fatigue behaviour from the microstructural level to the engineering level, where I proposed a creep-fatigue model for engineering design.

Previously, I’ve worked in the aeronautical industry focusing on advanced mechanical joining technology for metals and composites, working on a number of aircraft systems for small to medium commercial aircrafts.

elisa dean: Indonesia

I’ve been studying Applied Data Science at the University of Canterbury to align my skills with the evolving needs of the technology industry.

Being a global citizen, I consider different voices that come from people with various walks of life help to contribute to a unique perspective.

I’m a fan of traveling, photography and a cup of cappuccino.


Manish Muthukrishnan: India

I am currently studying economics and marketing at University of Canterbury. I am very interested in problem solving issues around climate change, education, inequality and global citizenship.

My favourite area of learning is behavioural economics, social psychology and entrepreneurship. 

Adriana Cristina Soler Becerra: Colombia

I am a young professional from Colombia, South America. I am passionate about solving problems arising in new energy technologies. As an Engineer I have critical thinking through observational situations and make conclusions in order to get possible answers. I like dancing Latin music and meet new people from different cultures.