How might we move towards sustainable models of energy production that are equitable and respond to local needs?

Our energy needs are increasing. Every country, region, city and community has a different set of problems and needs. In the emerging future we are seeing a shift towards new models of energy generation and distribution.


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Kite Power Systems

CEO of Kite Power Systems Simon Heyes has created one of the world’s first commercial kite-driven power stations, which he believes could be the magic solution to energy problems. His company has developed on and offshore wind-generation kites and his aim is to make them available without the need for government subsidies. The kites fly in a figure-of-eight pattern 450 metres in the air, pulling a tether that turns a turbine and produces electricity. Two kites working in tandem create a continuous energy source. “Kite can fly higher than wind turbine and therefore reach higher winds,” he says.