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The Global Challenge has begun!

This is your team’s task list. Make sure you work your way through each step :)

  1. Develop “How Might We” Statement

  2. Refine Problem & Change Statement

  3. Develop a solution to the problem you have identified

  4. Finalise you Pitch Deck

  5. Personal Reflection - TBC


Summit Welcome

We would like to welcome you all to the Emerging Futures Summit. Please take the time to settle in and introduce yourself to your team members as they arrive over the coming few days.



Summit overview

This is an overview of what to expect and why you’ve been invited to the community platforms, Slack, Trello and Google+ Communities.


An inclusive design process

During the Emerging Futures Summit, Challenge participants we will be using the human-centred design framework to collaborate and solve problems.


Collaborative platforms

Global teams will utilise a range of collaborative platforms, including:


Let’s get started!


The purpose of this team challenge is to start identifying local observations that relate to your team’s global challenge. What are some of the things happening in your country, home town or community?

Start a conversation with your team members. Discover new insights and perspectives.

Resources and Support

Once signed on and orientated, My Workspace will act as the go to place for resources and support. Your Mentors will let you know when these are made available throughout the 10 days.

In the meantime, some inspiration…