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Emerging Futures is a free online global workshop designed for you to connect, collaborate and shape your future path.


The opportunity:

  • Develop your skills in collaborating across a culturally diverse team

  • Collectively work through a Human Centred Design process to solve one of our five global challenges

  • Directly question any one of our twelve industry experts during a livestream panel discussion

  • Be part of an active group of global citizens

Emerging Futures Overview

During the Emerging Futures Summit you will join other future learners from around the world to collectively explore our future together. The knowledge you gain from the deep insight of our industry experts will allow to design your own future within these emerging fields.

By collectively sharing our own personal knowledge and local experiences amongst a diverse group, we will tackle complex problems that cannot be solved alone. During the programme outlined below you will tap into a global knowledge pool and co-design potential responses to future needs.

Format and Platforms

collaborate in teams

When you register to participate in the Emerging Futures Summit, you will connect with a global community of ‘like-minds’. You can choose to work with a local or global team.

Work together and share insight, ideas and research across our collaborative spaces:

  • Slack Workspace: Open discussion area to co-ordinate your team’s responses to Emerging Futures Global Challenges.

  • Google+ Communities: Contribute and comment on discoveries from all active participants

select a global challenge

When you register to participate in the Emerging Futures Summit, you can select your preferred Global Challenges. During the Research phase you have the opportunity to define your global challenge or work with a team sharing your passion.

Our five Global Challenge are the starting point from which new ideas and future solutions will emerge:

  1. might we reduce our impact on the environment while improving quality of life?

  2. How might we re-define waste as a sustainable design resource?

  3. How might we build more equitable systems that are focused on social value over profit?

  4. How might we encourage a more equitable platform for innovation through cultural diversity?

  5. How might we move towards sustainable models of energy production that respond to local needs?


For the first three days of the Summit, from Tuesday 09 October - Thursday 11 October, check-in to one or all of our six livestream panel discussions. Work together to discuss topics across six key focus areas:

  1. Modern day space race

  2. Mechanism for social change

  3. Feeding the world beyond 2050

  4. Technology and agriculture

  5. Sustainable design and the circular economy

  6. Cultural diversity and an introduction to Maori culture

Gain recognition and rewards

At every milestone throughout the process, you and your team will be asked to contribute your progress to our Google+ Community. To recognise your progress, we have a range of Open Badges to award.

When you submit your team’s ‘big idea’ our industry experts will offer feedback and give credit. This is an opportunity to be recognised as an active global citizen and future problem solver.

Your Emerging Future Roadmap

The final, and most valuable outcome of Emerging Futures, is the opportunity for you to reflect on the process and draw on the knowledge you have gained to define your own Emerging Future Roadmap. Insight from industry experts, perspectives from your culturally diverse and global team, along with your own interests and passions will combine to give more clarity of the skills, qualities and attributes needed to flourish in an emerging future.


STARTS: 09 October

TIME: 12-20 hours (approx)

DURATION: 10 days


panel discussions






global challenges